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Modern Custom Cabinets



Modern Custom Cabinets by Ernest Rust USA

Luxury living made easy with Modern Custom Cabinetry that create a sense of cohesion amongst units. Increase curb appeal by including custom cabinetry in all kitchens, bathrooms and offices.

Custom Modern Cabinets for Any Multi-Residential Project

People want a place they can be proud to call home, and there is no better way to build a uniquely beautiful home than by customizing it. Here at Ernest Rust, we offer the perfect solution for your contemporary cabinet needs in your next condo or apartment project.

At our organization, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail. We guide you through the entire process of designing, manufacturing, shipping, and installing your multi-residential project’s carefully crafted custom cabinetry. Due to our incredibly talented team and cutting-edge manufacturing process, our company is uniquely positioned to consistently produce high-quality custom modern and transitional cabinets in large quantities, allowing us to efficiently and effectively tackle even the largest of multi-residential projects. However, we can complete and have completed many smaller scale projects, and ensure the same incredible support and service that we offer to all of our customers.

Wherever Your Condo or Apartment Is, We Will Be There

Additionally, our Chicago-based team can deliver and install our custom cabinet solutions nearly anywhere: from Colorado and Wyoming to the Florida and the Caribbean, remote locations and harsh weather conditions are no match for Ernest Rust. Our team will not only design and manufacture your custom cabinets to your exact specifications, but they will also completely take the logistics and shipping problem off of your hands. We offer three routes to installation: self-installation, installation under the guidance of an Ernest Rust installation consultant, or a complete A to Z takeover of the installation process, where an Ernest Rust installation team comes down and performs the entire installation of your custom cabinets.

Condos or Apartments, We've Got Custom Cabinets For You

Whether you are a condo developer or an apartment developer, we have modern cabinets for you. Our custom solutions are exceptionally durable, functional, and cost-efficient, meaning that you can build out high-end interiors for a great value whether you are selling your property or renting it out.

Lasting Beauty: Durable, Functional Cabinets with the Finest of Materials

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the results of our process. Our custom cutting-edge cabinetry is built in Europe with remarkable resistance to wear and tear, ensuring its lasting beauty and preventing expensive remodel costs from coming back to haunt you any time soon. We achieve this unprecedented durability by using only the finest of materials and finishes like natural veneers, lacquer paint finishes, and various acrylic and melamine surfaces — sure to impress any potential condo buyer or renter.


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