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Q7 Modern Condo Cabinets, Modern Style

Ulta-Modern Kitchen with High Gloss and Semi-Matte Cabinetry

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Ultra-Modern Kitchen

Custom built-ins, sleek anthracite cabinetry, and a high gloss backsplash. All details work effortlessly together to create a cool and sleek modern kitchen. Our customer approach this project with a clear idea of what they wanted to achieve. The entire house follows the same color scheme, with clean lines and minimal pops of color. Although we utilized different tones of black and grey, the kitchen stills have a beautiful movement of light and an abundance of brightness.

Custom Color Scheme

This kitchen has a very strict color scheme that was comprised of different tones of black and grey. Since the color scheme was limited to match the rest of the house, our team worked with a multitude of textures. We used a combination of soft finish and wood veneer cabinets, textured laminate and concrete countertops, as well as high gloss accents throughout. Incorporating different textured surfaces allowed us to add more dimensions as depth to an otherwise minimal color scheme.

Modern Appliances and Built-Ins

Ernest Rust is known for custom cabinetry built-ins. You will hardly ever see an Ernest Rust project without a seamless appliance built-in or custom carpentry details. This project has a custom sink with an adjacent sloped drying rack built into the Island counter top. This design allows for easy access while washing the dishes, as well as an effortless way to rinse produce while prepping food on the counter. Placing the sink on the island countertop is a strategic design hack that is ideal for hosting. Placing the sink within the counter, faced towards the living room, creates an inviting and inclusive set-up, for both the host and guests.

Ernest Rust Design Flexibility

Our design process is simple. We work around the requests and needs of each client. We design around the appliances you choose to incorporate and we modify all of our materials to fit and complement each design style. The design team at Ernest Rust welcome all design inspiration to help get started on your dream kitchen.

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