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R5-G1 Collection, Northbrook, IL Cabinets, Modern Style


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Our team had the pleasure to provide this Northbrook customer with an over-the-top modern kitchen to fit the aesthetic of their ultra-modern home. Showcasing our satin-matte varnish front, marble countertops, and natural rosewood veneer cabinetry, this kitchen is nothing short of spectacular. This project effortlessly combines several different materials and finishes and marries them together as one. Ernest Rust provides dozens of options when it comes to finishes; whether it’s a satin finish, a gloss finish, matte, or wood veneer, our inventory of selections will be able to deliver. All elements are working together to create a cohesive appearance throughout the entire home. The stainless steel handles and pulls are beautifully complementing the handpicked stainless steel appliances, as well as the stainless steel fixtures on the railings and light fixtures. It is important for our custom cabinetry to have options that suit all customers and can be effortlessly applied in every residence and project.

Ernest Rust not only provides top of the line materials and finishes, but we also provide ultra-modern solutions for all lifestyle needs. Customization runs deep into our line of cabinetry solutions. Each drawer and cabinet can be tailored to your wants and needs. Built-in silver wear dividers, sliding shelves, and hidden dishwashers are just the starting point when it comes to custom. Beauty is in the details with our line of Modern cabinetry and kitchens.

A focal point of this kitchen is the waterfall granite countertop. This countertop fans out towards the back of the counter to provide a wider surface for prep and comfortable seating for guests. Kitchens are the heart and soul of every single home. All gatherings, big and small, take place in the Kitchen. Ernest Rust provides kitchens that are efficient, effective, and aesthetically pleasing to make all events more enjoyable. The perfect gathering needs a perfect venue.

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