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Unique-Q12S Collection Cabinets, Modern Style


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Kitchen information: The kitchen, despite its small size, captivates with its unique style. This is largely due to the innovative form of the lower fronts forming a “wooden monolith”. Natural, wooden rungs are finished with a noble anthracite lacquer. Thanks to a properly designed, ergonomic form, they also act as handles that can be grabbed anywhere. The upper cabinets finish is equally effective. The minimalistic form of the fronts owes its uniqueness to the multi-layer, metallic varnish coat subjected to a manual brushing process, thanks to which each element is unique. The whole is complemented by a top made of granite with a unique finish. However, achieving a deep and heterogeneous surface relief would not be possible without the appropriate selection of the stone and a creative approach to its preparation. Well, this is the whole big-little kitchen.

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