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Ultra-Modern Kitchen with Simple Black and White Accents

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Ultra-Modern Black and White Kitchen

Simple elegance with color blocking focal points. This ultra-modern custom kitchen is a vision for all Modern design lovers. This Minimal design boasts a sleek white backdrop and a significant corner wall of black cabinetry. Simple designs meld together to create a beautiful gathering space for Family and Friends. To further maximize the open floor plan, we disguised the storage space and appliances to appear as sleek wall units. Not only do we provide storage solutions, but we also pride ourselves on our design solutions.

Modern Storage and Design Solutions

Minimalism has taken the design world by storm. As designers, we have to be one step ahead of the curve to ensure that our plans aren’t outdated within a matter of 2 years. Predicting trends and establishing credibility has catapulted Ernest Rust to the front lines of Kitchen suppliers. For this specific project, we incorporated simple and minimal designs; a split surface Island with an elevated breakfast bar is a reimagined kitchen classic. Disguised kitchen appliances are a modern approach to maximizing the full scope of the kitchen aesthetic. A few elements that precede current trends, would be color blocking theme that is hard to miss. Our customer wanted to incorporate neutral colors that still popped in their ultra-modern home. The black and white focal points are softened by the light golden wood veneer ceilings and the gold accents throughout. The drop ceiling over the kitchen has a few different purposes. This detail clearly marks the kitchen area and shows a clear divide from the living area. In a completely open floor plan, it is easy for everything to blend together and appear as one large room. This drop ceiling anchors the eye to focus on the kitchen area as a separate space. Beyond aesthetics, there are several vents masterfully placed within the drop ceiling that effortlessly filters out the air and smoke while cooking.

Custom Ernest Rust Designs

For private individuals without a Designer, we can help guide you through the design process. We carry over a dozen Kitchen design packages that will provide you with inspiration and a direction for your own project. Virtually every detail can be customized and different storage solutions can be mixed and matched to achieve your dream Kitchen. Contact an Ernest Rust representative today to get started!


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